At housing law services we can advise you on all areas of housing management

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At housing law services we can advise you on all areas of housing management:

Tenancy Agreements and Assignment of Tenancies

We help with drafting and re-drafting tenancy agreements ‘best practice’ checks on existing tenancy agreements, advice on assigning tenancies handling difficult succession situation avoiding court action unless absolutely essential. We build strong working relationships while understanding the sector’s specialist needs.

Mediation and the Courts

The team recognises the pressure on social landlords. We advise you on court action if necessary, but always work hard to find an out-of-court solution if possible – one that reasonably resolves both the presenting and underlying problems.


Disrepair can be a legal minefield without clear agreements in place from the outset. Any disputes need to be handled professionally. We aim to avoid and / or minimise legal action through prompt expert advice.

Shared Ownership and Right To Buy

We are flexible and efficient, working alongside your team to achieve a fast response. We draft appropriate documentation and handle disputes.

Service Charge Disputes

It’s important for tenants to understand the necessity of service charges and landlords’ obligations to maintain and repair. We advise on - setting and reviewing service charges, developing good practice, enforcement action when tenants don’t pay.

First Tier Tribunals

We represent landlords at First Tier Tribunals. The team has extensive tribunal experience – we can advise and represent you throughout the process, and at appeal if necessary.

Discrimination Issues

We offer practical, straightforward advice on how the Equality Act 2010 impacts and affects social landlords. We ensure you are familiar with your duties and obligations under this legislation.

Anti Social Behaviour

We provide a fast efficient response – getting injunctions within hours where appropriate, or Anti Social Behaviour Orders if necessary and, as a last resort, seeking possession or demotion. We have years of experience and specialist knowledge in this area.

Advisory Services and Training

Advisory services are one of the most significant parts of our role. Our information and advice allows you to make accurate judgments on how to proceed legally, efficiently and effectively. We provide training on current and new legislation, to help you take informed action and increase your knowledge of process and procedure.

Housing Policies and Procedures

We advise on best practice in drawing up of all housing related policies and procedures that protect you and ensure tenants are clear about their entitlements. In this highly regulated area you need specialist advice to meet your legal obligations and regulatory requirements. We regularly review, advise on and draft policies and procedures for our social landlords.

We advise on all areas of housing management

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